Goalkeeping With Richard Chisolm

 Sunday April 18, 2010  @  Chain Of Lake, Titusville Soccer Club

Titusville Soccer Club hosted another training session in a series of instructional clinics and this one was directed specifically at the goalkeeping position. We were very fortunate to secure the services of Richard Chisolm, who is the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA), Director Of Goalkeeping and also the Olympic Development Program (ODP), Director of Goalkeeping for FYSA, who put on a dynamic presentation.

 The goalkeeping position is an integral part of every soccer team, but even though it is a specialist position, it is often the most neglected when it comes to individual and team training. This isn't necessarily the coach's fault, because the demands of training a group of players and time constraints,  oftentimes mean the goalkeeping position gets overlooked. In an effort to address this problem, we brought a specialist goalkeeping instructor and they don't come much more passionate than Richard Chisolm.

 During a rainy Sunday Afternoon, we had an exceptional turnout, with 43 players ranging in age from 10-18, 23 coaches (including those from Rockledge and Palm Bay), and approximately 20 parents, for an afternoon gathering of over 80 soccer enthusiasts. The majority of the players were from TSC, but there were several others from Rockledge and Palm Bay and there were 7 TSC Board Members who were privy to an outstanding afternoon of goalkeeping skills.

 We held two sessions to accommodate the younger goalkeepers (Aged 10-12), who were put through their paces from 3-4 p.m. and the older players (aged 13-18), who went from 4:30-5:30 p.m. The constant drizzle didn't dampen their spirits, as Richard had them leaping, diving, catching and throwing, with the agility and dexterity of a seasoned troupe of acrobats. They learned technical skills, positioning, tactical awareness and a myriad of other goalkeeping skills that will serve them well when next they're between the posts.

 The afternoon was a complete success and all of the players left with a smile on their faces, confident in the knowledge that they'd worked hard, but they'd gained a raft of goalkeeping skills that will help them in their future growth and development. 

 The Titusville coaches included Don Baxter, Christy Beasley, Chuck Beitel, Tony Benvenuto, Geoff Cone, Ashley Corbin, Shanee Cowland, Erik Didden, Joe Gladwish, Scott Higginbotham, Gayle Krisingha, Jonathan Lake, Kate Marple, Gary Mauzy, David Nottingham, Scott Stella, Mark Tyson, Heidi and Jeff Thamert, Allen Vaughan and Tristan Williams. Also present were Willie Daffron from Rockledge and Scott Ulp from Palm Bay.